A group class allows student to see their peers also in the class, which allows them to enjoy the learning process more. Also, when a student finishes a year in our school, they get a certificate of completion which they can use on their resume. For example, “Student X completed 2 years of Persian language studies at Kooshesh Persian School.”

We do not offer a sibling discount since our rates are already low.

For the introductory class, there is no homework assigned. However, for P1, P2, and higher levels, it is up to the discretion of the teacher. The aim is to make learning enjoyable, so any homework given will be minimal and will supplement the lessons taught in the previous class, preparing the students for the upcoming class.

We offer one year of an Intro class and six years of Persian language classes.

If a student loses a book, the cost of replacement of the book will be due.